In-Character Brandon Brown Book Talk

I started my first novel this week with my Spanish class. My team and I chose Brandon Brown Quiere un Perro by Carol Gaab and am loving it thus far!  We wanted to hook our students into the novel, so we started by discussing pets and personalized it with their pets as discussed in the Teacher’s Guide.  I also added a few hooks of my own….

QZZR Outcome quizzes are similar to the BuzzFeed quizzes that give you an answer based on your specific responses and my students love those quizzes! I am so glad Creative Language Class blogged about it! I created an outcome quiz “What animal should you own based on your personality”  using Kristy Placido’s  Mascotas + Personalidad Survey (I highly recommend it!)

Mike Coxon from Optimizing Immersion blogged about how he introduced Brandon and his parents, which you can find here.  Instead of students acting as the characters before they know them, we had our LRC director, who was the former Spanish teacher, dress up as Brandon and answer questions.  We provided these questions and students were also allowed to come up with other questions.  Annabelle Allen’s point system was a great motivator for brainstorming new questions.  I even told my classes that I reached out to the character that inspired Brandon via Twitter and he was coming in to our school.  They busted out in laughter when they realized it was Mr. Hahn.


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